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Do you eat stale cake?

tina tang

I love sweets and am always ready to eat them.  I assume a lot of people love sweets.  But, one's devotion is tested when it comes to eating stale cake.I have a red velvet cake leftover from a party.  It was great the next day,  but it is now 4 days later.  The icing has hardened and the cake is clearly dry and crumbly.Our leftover red velvet cake from the company holiday party.Despite that description of the current state of the cake, I ate it, and I took a large slice as well.  Even when I was eating it I thought, this is gross and dry.  Why do we do things like that?This is me before eating the cake.Also a photo before the nasty dry cake.Jacket:  Isabel de PedroT Shirt: LNA (of course)Boots: Vintage Salvatore FerragamoEarrings:  Tina Tang Aspen Snow EarringsNecklace:  Tina Tang custom necklace

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