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Do you go to the movies by yourself? #TinaTang

tina tang

One of the traits I most admire about my best friend, Sima, is that she is not afraid to do things by herself.  When I say "by herself" I don't mean easy activities like shopping or running errands.Sima has done the following, voluntarily solo:1. Go see a movie by herself.2. Choose a neighborhood to explore and spend an entire Saturday there solo.3. Selected a vacation group (non dating related) where the group is transported to a spa where the travelers chose to spend a long weekend solo.4. Go to another country for a summer to vacation alone.Can you do that?  Are you afraid to be alone?I asked the bartender to document my solo meal.  He teased me and said, "You must be a weirdo."For this reason, it was momentous for me to choose to dine at my neighborhood bar, alone.  I wanted to test myself.  It was early, around 5:30pm, I saddled up to the bar, ordered a bourbon and a steak salad.  I brought a notebook to journal in, and I enjoyed dinner by myself.  I highly recommend it.

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