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Do you have a taste for #armcandy?

tina tang

My twitter friend, Ali Holden, has occasionally tweeted about going out to dinner with her arm candy.  I never fully comprehended the appeal of that until last night.I had 2 tickets to Rossini's Le Comte Ory at the Metropolitan Opera and I asked my friend, Joseph Whitt, to be my gay date.  I felt like the luckiest girl at the Met to have such delicious looking arm candy.Don't we look like we belong together?Joseph is not only scrumptiously handsome, he has an enviable physique. (Do I sound like man talking about him like he's an object?)  What makes Joseph ideal arm candy is that he is intellectually inquisitive, aesthetically appreciative (he is an art curator and author who used to curate Vanderbilt University's art museum and now curates art shows all over Brooklyn), and openly friendly to all I introduced him to.  The cherry on top of this confection is that Joseph thoughtfully reviewed the performance with me!  We actually discussed what we saw and heard.A lovely waitress in the Met took this artful shot.Do all us women need more gay men in our lives? I had this necklace on with my jacket:The Blackened Sterling Silver Chain with White Pearls.Joseph took this shot.  He has an eye for design and composition.Do you understand why I call him my gay husband?

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