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Do you play favorites?

tina tang

As a designer, I am always asked if I have a favorite design.  Usually my newest design is my favorite as it is still fresh and I am still proud of my newest creation.However, I still have my reliable pieces that I always end up turning to for a nice evening out or a comfortable day shopping (which seems to be every day lately).  Below are my "favorites" with the wonderful and gorgeous Kirsten P. modeling them.  I am in pj's today so you won't be seeing my sloppy ass.For modern and clean, I love the Lotus Heart Necklace.Lotus Heart in sterling silver.Doesn't this look great with black?The Lotus Heart is great with a modern, simple outfit, something Calvin Klein, Donna Karan or the like.For something edgier where I want people to notice my jewelry immediately, I love the Romeo and Juliet Double Dagger Necklace. It's unisex and I find that both men and women are drawn to it.A little Goth and a little urban.Does anything look bad on Kirsten?When I have this on, the Double Dagger Necklace always inspires a comment from people who meet me.Or, when I am not in the mood for something so obvious, yet I want to feel accessorized and pretty, I turn to the Gold Fill Venus earrings.These earrings are incredibly lightweight and an alternative to the ordinary hoops.Look how nice they look on:This version on Kirsten is in sterling silver.And, my last prominent favorite are the Mum earrings, which we can't keep in stock fast enough.  Our customers keep buying and buying this style:They are Chrysanthemum earrings which we shorted to Mum earrings.These earrings are lightweight and delicate looking, but hearty enough to withstand years of use.Don't they look like lace?So, you can see I do play favorites!

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