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Do Your Ears Hang Low

tina tang

The art of choosing the right pair of earrings is quite simple. However, a few factors you may want to consider are: 1. Face shape: Earrings can subtly influence and change the appearance of your facial shape. Round: If you have a rounder, fuller face, try longer, dangling earrings. It makes your face appear longer and draws the eye downward. CAUTION: avoid rounded hoops and button-like earrings. It only enhances the roundness. Water Earrings $110Long: If you have a long face, try experimenting with rounder, squarer, or circular shaped earrings. This creates width rather than adding length. Earrings with wider diameter that create volume are also recommended. CAUTION: avoid thin, long dangling earrings. Sunrise Bird Earrings $75* For detailed face shapes check this website out. 2. Hair length: Your hairstyle makes a drastic statement, and earrings affect that statement. Long: When leaving your long hair loose try longer, dangling, or chandelier styled pairs. AVOID: small flattened studs. They tend to become buried in your hair, especially volumized hair. Jet Filigree Chandeliers$49Short: With short hair, the options are endless. Longer earrings and hoops look great, especially because your short hair allows it to be shown. AVOID: for extremely short cuts, stay away from overwhelmingly large hoops, chandeliers, or dangles. Gold Fill Elisabeth Earrings $753. Clothing: Color and pattern. When wearing colorful or intricately patterned outfits, simplicity is the key. AVOID: crazy or embellished earrings, opt to wear something simple. Small Heart Earrings $58When wearing monochromatic outfits, tap into your wild and creative side. Earrings can be very expressive. Other jewelry being worn should be considered as well. Consider the necklace, bracelet, and or rings that you have chosen to wear. No one wants a clutter bug. Wilma Earrings $45How do you like to wear your earrings and what type are your favorite?

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  • You are just simply awesome. Loved every word said by you here…feels so motivated.Thanks in tons.
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    Online Shopping

  • I love the water earrings! But, based on your suggestions, I should probably try a pretty pair of rounder earrings. Great tips!


  • great advice!!! i usually like wearing different earings on each ear. the chandelier ones are my favourite!
    you had asked me on my blog if i recomend my camera and the answer is defenately yes, its amazing and very easy to use, plus the pictures do not compare to plain digital cameras.


  • My whole life, I’ve only wore studs! (I have dangly earlobes.) But I think I’ll try out some other styles!

    -Jane @ Brunch at the Beach


  • Ooo, I love earrings. Pretty much any and all! They just complete the outfit for me :)


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