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Does your hair drive you crazy, too?

tina tang

I go through phases where I will look at myself in the mirror in the morning, after picking out my outfit, and think, "UGH!  Hair, you suck."  This will happen daily for 1-6 months!If you were to ask me, what's wrong with it?  I wouldn't have an answer.  It would just be a feeling.    It's hard enough figuring out what to wear each day, putting on make-up, and then having to "do" your hair?  How in the hell did I spend 1-1.5 hours each morning on my hair in 10th grade?! It looks like I put effort into my hair.Today, I decided to braid and twist the top so it looks like I styled it.  It's all an illusion to fool the quick passerby.  Note:  I grow my hair long simply because short hair takes much more styling time.I'm still on the Gwyneth grey theme.Sweatshirt:  Old Navy (Only $14.50 in stores now!)Leggings: PlushShoes: Rag & Bone (you will be seeing these boots nearly every day this winter)Earrings:  Tina Tang Double Teardrop EarringsNecklace:  Tina Tang "leftovers" necklaceI love the silver teardrop earrings that just dress up even a grey sweatshirt!Silver Double Teardrop Hoops: A great alternative to plain jane hoopsAnd, for the daily bit of silly, here is me acting like the fool that I am:I really need more suggestions for some silly poses.Have a great weekend!

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