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Dog love, even without the chocolates and prezzies, is abundant.

tina tang

Dog photos, trite?  Yea.  Trite, cliche, and predictable.  I can't help it because my dog, Bruno, has a piece of my heart.How is it an animal can garner so much love from us and make us feel sometimes more loved than by other humans?  Hell, they can't even say how they feel but they make us feel unconditionally loved.I would have to say, it is the fact there are no words.  Their lack of "talk back" is why we love them.    Here is an old photo of Bruno and me.  That's how far back we go.My hair is looking kinda nappy here.  Look at that great kiss I got!If Bruno were to have some cash, I would tell him, buy me this:The reversible White/Black Diamond Flame Necklace. Bruno has my heart with or without gifts.  It's just that gifts are nice.  Happy Valentines Day!

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