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Drowning in Social Media

tina tang

"You should be twittering.  Its so important for your business", "Have you heard of FourSquare?  What?!! You are not on it?!"This is all I have been hearing lately and I feel like I am drowning in all the "what I am supposed to be doing" social media information.  I can barely keep up with my facebook and my dog, Bruno's facebook, let alone let everyone know what I am thinking at every second on twitter or FourSquaring my location thought my day in New York City.I love to design jewelry, I love to make jewelry, I love to make people feel pretty.  It's that simple.  With the sudden and quickly popular social media network outlets I am starting to feel inadequate and an obstacle to progress!  I have made a end of year resolution to get with the times or be left behind.  I am making my official announcement that I will be entering 2011 with my social networking weapons in hand.  I'm ready to jump into the water!  Here I come, future friends on twitter, foursquare, facebook, and etc.

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