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East Coast vs West Coast: Snow is the true test of grit.

tina tang

Snow days, reminders of the nostalgic childhood gift of a day off, are an excuse to escape the routine week.In New York City, we are lucky enough, every once or twice a year, to be excused from doing what we are supposed to be doing...and in NYC that means working.  We get to have a beautiful day that looks like this:East Village, December 26, 2010For someone on the West Coast, I am confident that snow picture creates repulsion, protests as to why anyone would ever want to live out east.  For us, tried and true, born on the East Coast, that grey and snow riddled view, is equal to a day like this:Santa Monica BeachWe naturally still love a sunny day here in New York City, but we in our multi-dimensional appreciation of life, still love a quiet, snowy, overcast day, a day off from school and work.I spend my day off walking this guy, who should have been born in LA.  He does not like the snow.Bruno, trying to figure out how to get me to go back inside.  Freak dog, he is supposed to like snow.

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