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Eating comfort food with an old friend.

tina tang

I don't see Patti, my best friend from middle school, very often.  She is a stay at home mom/published writer/career ebay seller, who shares an equally voracious appetite for good Asian food. We used to sneak to her house during middle school and eat all the Korean leftovers her parents had from the previous night's dinner. I forgot about those good old days where we never cared about diet, figures, or weight.  All we cared about was how delicious the food was.This weekend was like old times.  Our first dinner together was at Congee Bowery.  Congee is Chinese comfort food.  My mom fed it to us when we were sick.Above is Mapu Tofu (tofu and spicy minced pork), and Chicken and Shitake Congee (congee is rice porridge).  The picture makes me want more of it.Tonight we ate Vietnamese at a very authentic local dive.  For some reason, or maybe on purpose, Patti filmed me making my little lettuce sandwich.There is nothing like eating dinner with an old friend with whom you can have food dribbling down your chin and she does not even notice since food is dribbling down hers.

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