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Editing and re-editing.

tina tang

The most wonderful thing about designing jewelry is that one can redo, remake, or take apart an original creation to create something new.  A designer is not locked into the original design and she can change her mind.I originally created this 14kt gold diamond drop earrings as I had envisioned it in my head:I thought the Fleur de Lis would add a nice touch.After the design was realized, something about it bothered me.  Diamonds are always wonderful, but in the fleur de lis the diamonds look lonely. I haven't been able to figure out why the design simply doesn't appeal to me.  Finally, I've resorted to the idea that simple is best.  Here is my final re-design:Less ornate, the simplicity of this make the diamond hoop earrings just right.Life is constantly about editing, isn't it?

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  • hi Tina,
    Just wanted to send along this post from my blog today – STYLE ISLAND- I featured the buddha head chain necklace on my “daily buzz”, b/c I love it so much – thought you might like to check it out – love your stuff, and your blog- I would love to continue blogging about your jewelry, and any events you have that you might want someone to blog about, as extra press- thanks,Bee


  • Black, Thank you! I will be checking out your blog!

    Tina Tang.

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