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Elevator Etiquette

tina tang

What is proper elevator etiquette? The question comes to mind especially in the building where Tina Tang headquarters resides on the tenth floor. Our building has two elevators, both as slow as waiting for water to boil and each about 3.5 feet x 5.5 feet small. It is known that the compartment is that tiny because in such an awkwardly cramped space, there is nothing to do except stare at the floor and count the tiles. It also doesn't help that the elevator feels like an oven during the summer and makes suffocation feel like an imminent threat. Many people may find themselves in a similar set up, and they know that elevator etiquette is imperative in these types of situations. To help make using the elevator more pleasant for all, here is a list of rules to live by:Rule #1: DO NOT CUT THE LINE. If there is a line waiting for the elevator, never cut the line. Even if you're late to the biggest job interview or meeting of your life, that's your fault for not planning better. Don't cut the line.Rule #2: NO TOUCHING. Respect your neighbor's personal bubble. Even if there is a line a mile long in the lobby waiting to go up, don't be the person who crams their way in and packs the elevator car tighter than a can of sardines. The rule of thumb is to make sure no one has to touch. Especially in the hot summer months, do everyone a favor and don't make anyone have to feel your sweat.Rule #3: DON'T JUST STAND THERE. If someone in the back of the elevator needs to get out, make as much room as you can to allow them to exit. If they have to push you to get out, that's your fault. If it comes down to it, disembark from the car and re-board after said person's departure.Rule #4: KEEP CONVERSATION TO A MINIMUM. If boarding an elevator with a friend, be aware of the subject matter of your conversation and put it on pause if you yourself wouldn't want to overhear it from a complete stranger. No one wants to hear about your recent medical dilemmas, the misbehaviors that occurred over your weekend, etc.Rule #5: KNOW YOUR ROLE. Only one person has responsibility in the elevator, and that's the person standing by the buttons. If you are in this position, know that you will have to push buttons for those who can't reach it. If you cannot handle this responsibility, move. It's almost as serious as the exit row in an airplane. Almost.Rule #6: WAIT YOUR TURN. Please, besides the first rule, if you don't follow any other rule at least follow this one. Allow people to exit the elevator before boarding it. Nothing quite ruins someone's day like getting pushed back in while trying to leave the elevator.Sticking to these rules will make elevator rides a lot more pleasant for everyone involved. Commit them to memory and you're set. Happy travels!

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  • These rules may apply for on the train as well. So well written and said. (Btw, hi Tina. I am coming by your jewelry place to hand in a resume. I love your blog. Mine is not yet developed. Bye!)


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