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Everyday is Earth Day!

tina tang

By: DaraAs I’m sure you know (or if you don’t you will now), next week is Earth Day. More specifically Tuesday, April 22. It’s kind of a big deal, especially here at Tina Tang. We’re a pretty green bunch and we like to think that everyday is Earth Day. So when the real one comes around it's huge! Huge like this huge:See, that's pretty huge!Anyway, this whole Earth Day thing got me thinking about T-shirts. "T-shirts," you say, "what do they have to do with Earth Day?" Well, funny you should ask...For me, they're a wearable message board. Unlike those (sometimes annoying) people out on the street that ask you if you have a minute for the environment as you quickly walk by ignoring them, I just put it out there on my shirt. You can read it if you like, or not. Either way it doesn't bother me. I wear my messages for no one other than myself. Although, it's always a plus if someone else appreciates them. I've accumulated quite the collection of message-based tees over the years, but I do have my favorites. Number one on my list is definitely my Dr. Seuss Lorax shirt. Not only does it communicate a great message, but it's Dr. Seuss. And who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? Next would have to be my Save the Earth t-shirt. In addition to making an unbelievably clear statement, it's super comfy. And I am all about comfy t-shirts! This next one may not obviously relate to the environment, but it sends out a quality message: PEACE AND LOVE. Plus it contains two of my favorite things: bright colors and big type. So, it's making my list at number three. Even though this last one isn't actually a t-shirt, I just had to include it. It's my handy reusable grocery bag. It's environmentally friendly, plus it also has an environmentally friendly message on it. So that's why I love it.What does all this tell you about me? I don't know. I suppose I like the environment, I like t-shirts, and I like messages. Take from that what you will.HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!

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  • I love your tees!


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