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Exploring Synesthesia

tina tang

My boyfriend sees colors when he hears music, something I am incredibly jealous of. It's a condition called "synesthesia," where senses blend together. People with synesthesia have their senses triggered when another is stimulated, such as seeing colors when hearing certain tones or tasting a flavor while feeling a certain texture. I was discussing this phenomenon with a friend the other day, and he had heard that the type of synesthesia my boyfriend has triggers him to see the colors of the different chakras when he hears their respective tones. This was interesting to me because when I quiz my significant other on what colors he's seeing while we listen to the radio, he tells me that most hit songs contain a lot of red and orange. As a musician, while playing he knows that when he sees red that it's a good thing. This brought me back to a college Zen and Yoga class where we learned about chakras. Each chakra has an assigned color and tone as seen below:The sound everyone seems to know is "om" which is used commonly in meditation and should be chanted in the musical note B in order to stimulate that chakra. Anyway, the red chakra is the root chakra where energy is held. The orange chakra is the sacral chakra which is a person's sexual energy and creativity (yes, they are intertwined). Put these two together, and it makes sense that that would create a hit song. So all you musicians out there, energy + sex  = hit song, write that down!Maria B. (Intern)

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