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Field Trip to @PinkOlive

tina tang

Today, Bobbie and I took a trip to Pink Olive in the East Village.  One of Bobbie's close friends, Eli, is the assistant manager who assists in the buying and merchandising at this most adorable gift store.I wanted to pay a visit as I heard so much about the store and am so impressed with its owner, Grace Kang.  I always love to see how a successful woman business owner does her thing!Its cold out.  Here I am outside of the whimsical Pink Olive.Once inside the store, I just wanted to look in every corner of this tiny treasure of gifts, stationary, and baby accessories.This is the counter where you pay.  Look how simply adorable everything looks.I just wanted to touch and read everything on this wall.I laughed out loud when I saw these baby tee-shirts.  An honor to have this photo.  Miss Eli (to the left, your left, of Bobbie) never likes to take photos.We were lucky to get a photo with Eli and Bobbie.  Bobbie, a veteran Tina Tang jewelry wearer, is wearing the Gold Fill Champagne Bubbles Necklace.What a lovely way to spend an hour in the middle of a work day.P.S.  Pink Olive is at 439 East 9th Street, NYC

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  • sorry i missed you! thanks for your sweet post :) we’ll have to do coffee soon! grace

    Pink Olive

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