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Finally! Time to wear dresses.

tina tang

As soon as I took Bruno out for a walk this morning, I felt, "Ahhh. It's finally dress weather again!"  Inspired by the sun and the advent of summer, I am ready to start my summer uniform: dresses, specifically vintage dresses.I have been waiting to bring out the wedges.Dress: Polyster 70's VintageShoes: Random no-name brandHat: 1950's vintageCoat: Diane von Furstenburg faux vintageNecklaces: Minatour Horn Necklace, Black Silver Pearl FlapperI want a wedge in every color so that every dress has it's own matching shoe.  I apologize to anyone reading this noting how ridiculous my conversation must sound in the midst of all else going on in the world. Yes, as a designer, what you see and what you touch can easily create little moments of joy!  We have eyes for a reason!I digress, back to wedges.  I was thrilled to bring out my summer wedges again!  Height without wobble.I look down to happy feet.

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