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First Dinner Party: A #Jewelry Designer Cooks. #TinaTang

tina tang

I've never been much of a cook and that's simply because cooking doesn't give me joy like it does for many others.  It's a perfunctory necessity if one wishes to eat fairly healthy. For the first time in my life, I decided to host a little dinner party for a few girl friends whom I knew wouldn't judge and whom I knew would be a pleasure to spend a few comfortable hours.I invited Sima, my best friend, Bobbie, my old employee and close friend, and Sandy, a new lovely friend I met in my Bootcamp class at the gym.Bobbie, Sima and Sandy (clockwise), chatting about relationships.My favorite part of prepping for the dinner party was the table setting.  Notice how my place mats match my fabric napkins?  I love old fashioned fabric napkins and the fact that using them is environmentally positive.  I couldn't wait to break out my blue transferware, which I have loved since I can remember. This is the exact pattern I have for my dishes: Bilton's Stoneware made in England. I have been buying bluetransfer ware ceramic dishes on Ebay for over 10 years.  The floral pattern and contrast color to the white plates is what attracts me.  I also love Scandinavian design.  This is my serving bowl made by iittala of Sweden.I love bold patters and believe one can mix and match.Seeing friends who have never met before eating my cooking and blissfully enjoying conversation makes me smile:No one had to dress up either!  It was come comfortable and eat.Dinner menu: Vegetable and Chickpea curry with brown rice, light house salad, and Crumbs cupcakes for dessert.  Red wine: homemade by Sandy!P.S. Sima has on her custom made *Sima* necklace:You can have one made, too!

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