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Five things I love about NYC.

tina tang

When I count my blessings, I like to think about where I work and live as one of them.  My top five things I love about New York City are:This is the stop I see every single day.  23rd Street, you are part of my daily routine.1.  The subway:I can get anywhere at anytime in this wonderful city of mine.  I love not driving.  I am thrilled my god-given legs can get me from place to place in this city, with the aid of the NYC subway system.Ina's is one of the oldies in NYC and her stores always stock the most beautiful items.  I have done much damage in here over the years.2. Designer consignment shops:I have an hearty appetite for beautifully made designer clothing, bags and shoes.  My eyes are larger than my stomach which is why the abundance of designer consignment shops with hardly worn items fulfill the insatiable desire that my wallet attempts to keep up with.The Corner Cafe in the Village on Broadway is my dependable, always tasty "go to" place.  Affordable and fun.3. Restaurants:If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.  That surely applies to restaurants in NYC where one opens and closes nearly every week.  I have not eaten better on a regular basis outside of this metropolis.Recently renovated, I always gasp when I come to Lincoln Center.  The magnificence overwhelms me each time.4. Metropolitan Opera:I cannot imagine living in a city where I didn't have access to the opera.  We are the ONLY opera house in the world where during the season, there is a different performance every night.  Let me repeat, a DIFFERENT performance each night!  We have the best here at the Met.  Period.May not look fun to ride a crowded subway, but it is the class equalizer in this city.5. Diversity:I had French friends come here on a 6 month job transfer.  The most notable thing they pointed out to me (versus working and living in Paris) was that New York City was so diverse in who held what kind of job.  They pointedly observed that in Paris, certain jobs where limited to certain ethnicities.Despite any problems you read about on the news, we are more diverse than any other city anywhere in the world.   I dare you to prove otherwise.  I love the NON homogeneity of New York City.New York City, I love you.  Please never leave me.

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