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Fostering new talent.

tina tang

This Sunday, I attended the Metropolitan Opera National Council Grand Finals Concert in the afternoon. (that is a mouthful of a title)This is an audition/contest where hundreds of young opera singers all over the country compete to have the opportunity to win prize money and most importantly, put themselves on the radar of NYC's Metropolitan Opera House.  The Grand Finals is the American Idol for opera.This is one of the free treats of being a young member of the Met Opera!All nine finalists ranged from ages 22-28 and I am still in shock at how young these musicians are in comparison to their amazingly practiced voices.  To get to this level of competition, the work and devotion are unimagineable at such a young age!  I was barely able to make myself a meal at age 22.This is one of the amazing programs of the Met Opera where it recognizes that young talent must be fostered, fed, shaped, and encouraged.  The best refined voices don't always win; the Met picks the best raw potential.Feeling a bit pensive today.  Bobbie is out of the office and I miss her!Top: Ecoskin (Thank you for lending it to me, Sima)Earrings: Tina Tang Crystal Wilma EarringsNecklace: Tina Tang Locket and Charm Necklace (essentially a bunch of charms I threw together on a necklace)As I once read in Opera News, a long time opera critic noted that many a young applauded talent has fallen out of public memory.  The singers that make it are the ones that harness talent, discipline and hard work.  

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  • Hahaha, I never thought anyone would notice! 2 french braids that don’t go all the way back and then entire hair in loose ponytail. I’m waiting for your blog, Yoonmee.

    Tina Tang.

  • Your hair looks so cute today! How did you style it?


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