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From Mistakes Do Great Designs Come. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Sometimes our favorite creations are birthed from errors.  Whenever I design something that I have envisioned mentally and in its physical form the design feels lacking, I try to figure out another way that piece could be used.This pair of earrings I created yesterday:Oval Garnet Drop Earrings $95The earrings came from my dissatisfaction of this bracelet I designed:I carved the link by hand, casting multiple to make this bracelet.If I don't want to wear this, why would anyone else?  I had to come up with something else to utilize the link I created.These leaf earrings are also a re-purposed pair from a previous design.  I love the simplicity of this:The simple leaf outline is finished with a subtle rutilated quartz drop.This was the original design here:The Falling Leaves earrings are ok, but I never had the desire to wear them.Other "mistakes" that turned out to be better than the original idea: post-it notes, velcro, ice cream, potato chips, and chocolate chip cookies.It's all about working with what you got.

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