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tina tang

by JingWednesday was the first time I went to the ShopNYC event @ GenArt. It's the 2nd time in a roll that Tina got to show there, and I was so proud of our TT team for how it turned out. Our delicate little black cases filled with breezy summery fun & sexy signature Tina Tang pieces were browsed and admired by streams of stylish shoppers and we were happy to let most of them get taken home.:)I stayed in the store with Bobbie & Jen and we didn't join the girls @ the event till later on in the evening. As we were trying to get in, our main objective was to sneak our resident pup Hubble into the building. I didn't know if there was a rule or something against pets @ GenArt so all the sneaking could have been for unnecessary caution, but somehow it felt great to plotting a certain mischief. I think Tina's influencing me now in areas other than my jewelry collection. :) Anyways since Hubble rarely makes a sound he got into the show with the rest of us. And I can say with confidence that the presence of the little guy positively increased our flow for the latter half of the night. Hub's always watchin' out. For those who didn't make it to the show, the aforementioned breezy summery fun & sexy Tina Tang pieces are always in our stores or at our online boutique (below are some case-in-point). Please feel free to come check us out. We would love to have a couple of our always-made-with-love pieces to spend a glorious summer with you. Hera BraceletVenus EarringsEndless Summer Necklace

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