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tina tang

I've been having great luck at the movies lately, as in every movie I pay to go to turns out to be awesome (Inception FTW!). Most recently, I saw the awesomely epic Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World that was totally worth my (boyfriend's) $10 for the ticket. It was so good that I wouldn't have mind paying for my own ticket if he had let me. What really caught my eye during the movie though was Scott Pilgirm's (Michael Cera) ex-girlfriend Envy Adams (Brie Larson) choice in accessories. In one portion of the movie that takes place backstage at Envy's band's show, I noticed that her earrings were very similar to a pair of Tina Tang hoops! Check out this photo courtesy of the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World site:Envy Adams is on the bottom right corner, and if you click on the picture to see a larger size you can get an idea of the snake hoops she's wearing. They are very similar to Tina's Teardrop Snake Hoops ($195):Another similar item with a little more edge would be Tina's Ouroboros Snake Hoops ($195):The Ouroboros snake design is also available as a ring ($245), bangle ($255), or necklace ($195):All are available for purchase online at or at the Limelight Marketplace located at 656 Ave of the Americas (20th Street at 6th Avenue).

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