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Getting One's Paws and Claws Done #TinaTang

tina tang

I'm as girly as the next New York City woman, but one common female activity I rarely indulge myself in are manicures.  Why? Somewhere in the back of my mind I think, "that's a waste of money when I could do it myself."  Such logic is absurd when one can think the same thought about dining out or about shopping for clothing.While in Chicago for my trunk show this weekend, my host and close friend, Lillie Frances, whom you read about here, told me she was treating us both to a mani-pedi. Honestly, if I did it myself, would I ever have made it look so nice?I begrudgingly admit that the professionally completed manicure and pedicure was executed better than anything I could have done myself and included a mini shoulder massage.  Is it strange that I don't mind spending a month's salary on a handbag, but I loathe to shell out $20 for a manicure?Lillie and I were able to bond during the hour plus time we spend there.Simon, the cat, reminded us that it's always nice to get one's paws and claws done with the girls.Afterwards, I admit, I felt pampered and gussied up with my newly shined Opi's Dressed to Empress coral polish.  I supposed I will get more when I get back to NYC.  It still feels like I am giving away $20 where I could be wisely investing the cash in a brand new Italian made designer purse.

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