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Girls in Pearls

tina tang

I have always loved pearls. They are not only classy, but versatile; they can be worn with any outfit from jeans to black tie gowns. The longer pearl necklaces have really caught my eye for awhile! After watching the first Sex and the City Movie, I fell in love with Sarah Jessica Parker’s signature necklace that was featured several times throughout the film.  It was interesting how she incorporated it into her bed, brunch, and night outfits! Mikimoto Akoya Necklace (I love how shes layered it!) Long Handknot Capulet Pearl $475Long Single Dagger $230 ( I love how it looks when these two necklaces are coupled together! The contrast in style is irresistible!) Do you guys have certain pearl pieces you like to wear often, or wear differently?

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  • I don’t own pearls… but I would go for a longer strand for sure… great post!


  • I loved that necklace in the movie, too :)


  • lovely pieces. love the look. i have faux pearl stretch bracelets that i love to wear every now and then and always get compliments.

    i’m actually looking into finding a shorter pearl necklace as inpsired from the movie Grease. i’ll be going to a sing-a-long concert next month and will be incorporating it with a Grease inspired outfit.



  • I’ve always loved pearls too and leave it to Carrie Bradshaw to make them exciting all over again. Love it paired with the dagger necklace too!


  • Like a good southern girl I love my pearls! I tend to wear shorter, classic strands more often, but I love the long, layered look as well!

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