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Going back to Cali

tina tang

By Tina This week, Chloe and I are heading out west to the beautiful and sunny Los Angeles. We are excited about this trip as we get to meet all the gorgeous women who have bought our jewelry via our web shop! And now, they will be meeting us in a private beach house in Santa Monica for some delicious homemade sandwiches and some girly fun afternoon jewelry shopping.This will be our third anniversary of going to LA to do our trunk show and the Jennifer Klein Girl Party. Each year we have been invited by the beautiful Jennifer Klein to be a part of her celebrity filled Girl Party where she treats her film industry guests to spa treatments and shopping opportunities from designers like us.And, of course, I look forward to the always so pleasantly predictable sunny weather in Los Angeles. While I love the four seasons of the east coast, I secretly rejoice that I get to spend 5 days in a city where I know what the next day's weather will bring.When I am in LA, I know why the natives want to stay west.

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  • Wow…. I’m most excited for online jewelry shopping, it’s great.


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