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Going back to my design roots... #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Listening to your honest inner voice, your instincts, is often the right action.  After thirteen years of design, business building, and logo design/theme changes, I've decided to go back to my original inspiration and color scheme: purple and yellow.Seem frivolous and superficial?  What inspires you and what is the impetus of your creation is vital to your artistic spirit.  It's what brings the creation from inside out.So, here it is, back to the same feel as my original website from 1999.  Introducing my new website skin and design: My original website in 1999 had a lot of hand drawn icons I created.  This would be the 2011 version. With this new skin on the website, I have created a new look for the blog that you see right now.   I love the polka dots which are supposed to be hot this 2011 fall. Just like us fabulous fashion loving females, even the website wants a new outfit for fall.  Have a wonderful and art filled weekend.

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