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Guilt-free Friday. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I will be starting the The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron which helps artists, writers and the like open their minds and spirits back up to the creative process through daily exercises.  While in Chicago, my friend Lillie Frances, had me do an exercise where we both collaged to work through respective situations/problems we each chose to focus on.I discovered that I have kept myself constrained to a Mon-Fri strict hourly work week which is contrary to what working for oneself represents.  I am allowed to take an occasional Friday off to do laundry as I would probably end up working on a Saturday or Sunday anyways.  Today was my first guilt free Friday off.What am I doing on my guilt free day?   I am home, cleaning, doing laundry and enjoying my apartment.Come on over!  I will have cookies and tea ready for you.Have a wonderful, self fulfilling weekend. Xo, Tina

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