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Handbags and shoes: Formula for lady happiness #ChineseGirlProblems

tina tang

I have not been spending money lately because I am on a money diet.  I need to save up so that someday I can buy a house.  Nice long-term far reaching fantasy goal?Lately, my soul has hungered.  It has forgotten the blissful feeling of a brand new, stiff, Italian-made, leather aromatic, too pricey handbag.  I design jewelry, which I do love to wear and see others wearing, but I lust after handbags.   I want a new one, and I don't even have one in mind.Any one of these would sufficiently satisfy my emaciated soul:All from Barneys.comNina Ricci Sac Pochon $1275 Courtesy of Barneys.Isn't this grey blue color just superb for summer?Valextra Large Punchline Tote $1710 Barneys.Doesn't everyone need an impractically sized-easy to soil bag for work?Fendi Small Peekaboo $2900 Courtesy of BarneysI will always love you, Peekaboo, no matter what year, what season.  Since I couldn't get any of those above to feed the soul, I bought these Coach wedges on sale today:They are actually quite comfortable.Why is it new things make me feel pretty?

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