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Happy Sale!

tina tang

I had to get into work an hour earlier to prepare for our sale.  One hour in the morning makes a big difference, doesn't it?This is our first sample sale in five years and its been a lovely day seeing familiar faces from our original Greenwich Village store.Welcome back Barbara N!  She used to shop in our Greenwich Village store regularly.We had vintage purses at our sale, which no one has looked at since our guests have been bee-lining to the jewelry.Holla at me if you like any of these.  All these vintage purses are $45 or less.And, here I am showing you our displays.I'm wearing the sample sale jewelry so you can see how lovely it is if you were to buy it!You sure have seen this outfit before.  It's my winter uniform.I'm looking forward to falling asleep early tonight.  Naturally, after Bruno has been served his dinner.

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