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Hard to get makes it more desireable. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Whether it's in human relationships or in shopping, when someone or something is hard to get, that person or handbag is even more desirable.Did you know the wait time for an Hermes Birkin bag is around two years and for something that costs on average the price of a Japanese compact car?The 18kt Gold Snake Ring is one of my designs clients are always lusting after.I had a friend who really wasn't interested in a relationship and a young man who met her consistently started to pursue her. She finally relented and said the only time she had available for first date was Saturday at 8am for breakfast. He took the time slot, and 4 months later, they are living together.This art deco inspired 14kt gold black and white diamond ring made for Rebecca Minkoff is another desirable "hard to get" accessory that makes one wish they were a trust fund baby.This was custom designed for handbag designer, Rebecca Minkoff.Who or what is unattainable for you right now making you want it more?

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