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Have you ever bowled with Bobbie? #TinaTang

tina tang

This weekend, I met Bobbie and Jon, her boyfriend, at Brooklyn Bowl, a fantastic newish bowling alley that features a music stage, upscale food and hip music playing over the loud speakers. Brooklyn Bowl is an adult playground which doesn't give one the grubby feeling that most bowling alleys leave me with.  Do you remember Bobbie?  She worked with me for nearly 4 years before moving on to her upwardly mobile position at a major department store.  I miss her. Bobbie and I posing before we started the game. Frankly, bowling is not the first activity I would suggest when catching up with an old friend, but Brooklyn Bowl was the perfect Saturday evening activity to goof around with a couple friends who know me so well.  It helped that we were a little affected by our pitcher of frozen margaritas. This is me getting ready to bowl a strike.  I did get one this evening. Me, Bobbie and Jon.  It looks like Bobbie is trying to show off her new handbag. Yea, Bobbie, I'm jealous you got a new one. Despite the fact that Jon was on a bowling league as a teen (of which he kept reminding us), I scored a 107 on my last game!  I don't gloat.  Not really.

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