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Have you ever spend Thanksgiving alone? #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Does spending Thanksgiving alone sound awful to you?  I have something to share...I did this year, and out of choice.  The original plan I had didn't work out and I also didn't feel like trekking to my parents' home and dealing with the grumpy holiday travel hassle and finding a kennel for Bruno, thus, I chose to spend this Thanksgiving by myself.Outside of my parents and a couple friends, I didn't tell anyone as I didn't want to hear the "awww" blanketed with the tone of deep pity.    In fact, I was looking forward to it!   A friend who had done a solo Thanksgiving in the past, told me I should plan my day out, figure out what I was making, plan my activities and just enjoy my solitude.Me with the pork, pre-cooked.If you read my facebook posts, I decided to make two wonderful entrees which I could eat for the rest of the week: pork loin roast with butternut squash and apricots and a turkey with olives and cherries.   Most of my life, I have never enjoyed cooking, nor have I cooked much for myself.  The past couple years, I have embarked on new adventures doing things I never have done and cooking is one of those activities. Prepping the turkey dish with sliced baby leeks.Slow cooker before the turkey is cooked.Post slow cooker turkey and about to be eaten by me!After my entrees were cooked, I walked to my local movie theater and watched Scorcese's Hugo which was the perfect end to my deliciously "me" day.  I didn't have to dress up, slug on the couch from over-eating, make conversation with uncles I don't know well, nor wash a dozen dishes.  The city streets were quiet; the day felt quietly suspended in time.  I absolutely would do it again.P.S.  I also danced alone to songs that I love that came on while I was prepping my Thanksgiving meal.

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  • Sounds like a lovely way to spend Thanksgiving! It’s great to have that quiet “me” time.

    Sharon @ Red Poppy | Pink Peony

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