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Home Sweet Home

tina tang

After being away for a few days, I always look forward to returning to my familiar cozy little life.  Walking into my apartment upon my return, the first thing I missed was the silent, yet loudly present, Bruno Tang.Bruno TangHe returned home shortly after me, and I am confident he missed his mom even though he said nothing, not even a "Hey mom". I do miss the simple happy slice of life I experienced while  staying with my good friend, Patti and her family.  I was constantly bombarded by statements from her two daughters, "Miss Tina, look at this!" "Miss Tina, listen to me play!" "Miss Tina Tang, what are you doing?" "Miss Tina, I'm hungry!"Breakfast with the girls.And, what made my little excursion even more memorable was the little gift Patti imparted on me, an antique vase. Being the best friend that she is, she knows all about my obsession with blue transferware. Blue transferware

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