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Honor our parents.

tina tang

I must be one of the "rotten apples".  It took me to reach adulthood to really and fully appreciate how wonderful my parents are.  Growing up, I was focused on what they said "no" to, as if it were a personal vendetta.  As a young adult, it was just an assumed that they would be there for me to provide any advice or support I needed.  This photo was taken last year. My sister's hairstyle hasn't changed in 10 years.  Her signature earrings, ginormous hoops, date from her 80's teen years. Doesn't my mom look so cute?I admit it shamefully, I could have been a better daughter.   Now, finally, I see.  I see how they put me and my sister first.  I feel how much they love us.  I am grateful that I am finally able to realize this while they are around.Give your mom and dad a call today to say "I love you." I try to do that as often as I can now.I made my sister these bamboo hoops but 50% larger!

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  • A damn good looking family!!Momma Tang is one of my muses


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