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Honoring a teacher. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Tonight I attend the one year memorial service of my tai chi teacher, Master Cheng Hsiang Yu.  Never in my life have I had a teacher who so profoundly touched my life in which my daily routine always includes the practice he bestowed upon me.I have spoken about him in this post when he passed away last year.  He is the first and only teacher I have learned from that truly embodied the principles and discipline he insisted upon.  The term "master" was not something he labeled himself so that students entering his class could purchase the use of.  He was a master in that each day of his life until death, he continually pushed, refined, respected the tai chi and Shaolin forms he learnt as a teen and out of respect and love of it, passed on to others.  In the martial art form grew lessons on patience and an approach to life that comes only from grueling self work.Some Master Yu mottos that constantly echo in me:1. Don't think, just do.2. Practice.3. No pain, no gain.4. Uncomfortable now means comfortable later.For those of you unfamiliar with tai chi, it is the most difficult and grueling exercise I've ever tackled.  So much so, I often have the urge not to do it.  It's harder than boxing, weights, running, yoga, and everything else I have ever done.

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