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How handy are you? #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

I used to depend on a man to help put up pictures on my wall, install shelving, and put Ikea furniture together. Two summers ago, I asked a male friend to show me all the basics about an electric power drill/driver so that I could get comfortable doing it myself.  Thank you, Richard, for teaching me a life-long skill that makes me feel truly independent. I feel one with my power drill.  I secretly feel like a female superhero when I hold power tools.  Today, I am working on converting my vintage frame displays into actual hanging pieces that I can affix to my steel shelving that I have in my studio/office. The "before" where the frame didn't have hooks to hang on my shelving. I had to buy screw eye hooks from Home Depot: These little babies need to go into the wood frame where an S hook can attach to my shelving. Then, I had to drill holes into the wood frame: Don't be afraid of the power this drill holds. After a small hole is created, simply manually screw the eye hook into frame. Nice manicure, right? Now the jewelry display frames can hang on my shelves and I have a proper showroom display. Making use of space in NYC as creatively as possible. If you don't use power tools already, I hope this encourages you to learn.  You will feel wonderfully independent once you get past the fear and discomfort.  I fully believe in you; you can do it.

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  • awesome…….
    nice collection…
    i love it.
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    andrew siddle

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