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How I make jewelry: Insider Photo Series

tina tang

Series 1 of 3:  Sketch to SawWhat do you wear when you are trying to be creative?  How about when you play music, or sing, or draw?For me, comfort is key as creativity creates a mental zone where I don't think about my hunger, time passing, or even really hear the music that is playing around me.Here I am getting ready to start sketching and carving in wax:I am showing you the undoctored version:  I am blaringly schleppy today.  I did put on eyeliner and gloss for your benefit.  Is there anything more comfortable than sweatpants at home?Hoodie:  Juicy CoutureTank: Old NavySweatpants:  UniqloNo shoes. No jewelry.Step One:  Sketch.  You must have sketches of what you want to create.I sketched a paisley-ying/yang shape which will become a pendant.  I am thinking of it as a Best Friend Necklace where each friend has a opposite side of the paisley.Above is my sketch book and a piece of used blue wax.  The wax is the starting point of the actual jewelry.STEP TWO:  Transfer drawing onto the wax.I am using a sharp metal pen to transfer the sketch onto the wax which is under the page.  See the little piece of blue peeking out?STEP THREE:  Cut the wax, outline the shape of your sketch transfer.Can you see the paisley shape on the wax?  That metal pen aided the transfer so I can saw.I am using a small jewelry saw to cut around the shape.More sawing.  I need to go slow to get as close as possible.STEP FOUR:  Shape done.  Start using file to refine shape.Done sawing! This is the wax piece raw and just cut.The shape is small and hard to see as my hand is holding it tightly as I file.STEP FIVE:  Use carving tools to refine the shape even more:See the blue wax?  After using the file, I am using the carving tool to really shape and refine the wax paisley.  This requires a lot of focus and is usually the most time consuming.Fast forwarded to final product.  See how the piece is smooth?  The carving tool was vital to creating this final finish.Wax carving is a common process in creating jewelry and my preferred technique. It is understandably difficult to imagine this little piece of blue wax becoming a sterling silver jewelry.  Stay posted for the next 2 parts of the series!

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  • I love reading about jewelry and seeing other people use their creativity. Keep on writing and being creative. I would love to read more.


  • I had no idea so much went into designing the jewelry! I’m even more impressed now!


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