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Ideal Vacation: Follow, Eat, Smile. #TinaTang #Jewelry #PerfectVacation

tina tang

As a small business owner, I rarely take vacations. I am always afraid I may miss out on a customer visit or request. When my close friend from high school, Lillie, asked me this past summer if I wanted to take a mini trip to Las Vegas in Jan 2012, I reluctantly said yes, secretly worrying about what I would do with my business while away.In fact, in November and December, I was already stressing about how I was going to manage the time away.  This happens often with us small business owners where a day away means a day the business is left by itself, like a baby!Day one: Lillie demanded I consume a delicious Bloody Mary.Thankfully, I admit once I got on the plane to Vegas, all those worries melted away into a fog.  Lillie, the constant planner, had our entire itinerary preplanned.  Unlike my life in New York, I simply followed and made no decisions except during mealtimes on what my entree would be.Lillie booked a steak house, Prime, which meant my only thinking involved what type of steak.Now that I am back, I am pleased that I released those apprehensions to take a few days away from my New York City life and its worries.  I gambled, ate, ate, then ate.  I'm sure these are activities I can easily do in New York, but having Lillie guide my life for 3 days was simply heavenly.I made $1.25 on my $10 video poker gambling attempt   Follow, eat, kind of vacation.Lillie told me to gawk at this casino/hotel. I simply obeyed.Weddings should be this easy.

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  • Looks like a great time!! And may I say you look Fabulous Dahling!!!!!



  • Sharon, thank you :)

    Tina Tang

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