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If you were a dog, would you only travel by chauffeur?

tina tang

Bruno, my dog, decided he would like to spend the weekend in the city.  He booked a car service to bring him in (since the subway is too plebian for his ass).Bruno making sure the chauffeur is taking the route he prefers.Car service is preferable as it means chillaxing in back and watching the views of the city.Bruno called up one of his homies in the city to crash at the pad before going out for some last minute shopping and some holiday brewskies.Just chilling before Bruno goes out for some beers. Once relaxed, Bruno shed his pj's to hit the city streets.  When in NYC, it is vital to meet city girls. Even when on errands, a dude must always be ready to stop and smell the chicks.This young thang approached Bruno.Bruno prefers the mall for his one stop Christmas shopping. Bruno is reminiscing about his Limelight days when he used to get in a heap of trouble at the club.What the hell do I get my moms? Bruno searched the entire mall for his last minute gifts.What is up with women and their purses?  Moms better like my gift.Like most males, Bruno scanned his brain to remember what the woman in his life wanted.  He just went for the fail safe choice - another freaking handbag.Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!  Holla at Bruno if you like him.

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