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In Need of Some SUN~ or Gold Addiction

tina tang

By: JudyI just got back from Maui with a great tan, memories, and some snappy shots. I totally did not know what I was missing. I just needed some sun. Get some light, some life into my daily routine. I was in dire need of something warm and uplifting. I got to get some more sun. Addicted to sunshine is what I am. Now back in NYC, I need the vivifying effects of the sun again.I am really neurotic, pretty much a walking vortex yet on the surface I am serene and perhaps even superficial. I’ve done a lot of analysis (astrology, numerology, tarot, divining, etc.) and realized that I am extremely yin/lunar, in laymen terms overly emotional and more or less insane, or the sugar coated description would be sensitive and intuitive. What’s so great of knowing life’s hidden truths when you’re too scared to even leave your house? I realized I just needed some masculine solar energy, not an aggressive boxing class, or a physical workout routine (I’m too capricious and non-committal for that -though I need it) but real gold.When in a slump, suffering from classic neuroses or the gray doldrums, I wear as much gold and citrine as possible. It could be a placebo but I doubt it. I’ve done crystal healing before, it works but when you’re severely lunar like me you really just need a lump of gold to balance yourself out. If I can’t go to Maui again for solar comfort, I’m going to buy portable versions of it and wear it all over my body. The therapeutic effects, according to new age healers, are only available when it is real gold, they say that it interacts with ones’ aura/electromagnetic field, blah, blah, blah. I just want to function again.I am seriously contemplating Tina’s citrine florets! -They’re prettier and shinier in person, like the sun =P

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