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Inside Information: #Jewelry Tools of the Trade #TinaTang

tina tang

There are three essential tools I use on a regular basis which if you had at home, could use to do simple repairs or adjustments to your jewelry.  All three of these tools can be purchased at your local hardware store including Home Depot:  Flat Nose Pliers, Needle Nose Round Pliers, and Wire Cutters.  Below I will explain the purpose of each tool.The vial jewelry designer's triumvirite.I prefer not to buy the ones made in Pakistan or China but rather those made in Germany.  I can personally attest to the quality differences in the origin of manufacture.Flat Nose Pliers: Here I am using it to close off something hanging on an ear wire.The flat nose pliers above are used to grip/grab things to open or close.  You can use the round nose pliers below to do the same, but the round nose would leave a mark on the item you are gripping since the surface on the round nose is not flat.Round Nose Pliers are key for wire twisting.Jewelry makers use the round nose pliers to make perfect circles or to create the shape above so that the bead with headpin through it is able to hang from another surface.Wire Cutters are used as tiny scissors that cut metal or wire. Wire cutters are used by tradesmen in the construction industry and the only difference with the ones jewelry designers use is the size.  We use very small versions compared to those of electricians and other construction tradesmen.A close up shot of me cutting excess wire. These three tools are an essential for beginning jewelry makers or for those who wish to accomplish minor jewelry repairs at home.

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  • I most definitely use all of those in my own jewelry making, and then some! I’m currently saving up for a set of really nice German-made ones, too. :)

    B. R. Kuhlman

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