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tina tang

By: TroySo far you guys probably know that I am the Director of PR at Tina Tang, that I don’t know the price of milk and I break things. Which is all pretty accurate but you probably don’t know about my secret obsession with hair. My obsession with hair started as far back as I can recall. As a child, I would bawl after each hair cut (at the local barbershop in Amarillo TX) because I was dissatisfied with the end result. When I turned eight, my dad decided to cut my hair himself in our backyard in an attempt to save a few bucks and some embarrassment. A part of his styling tools was a metal bowl (similar to the big food bowl we put out for the cat now when we go out of town). This provided him some guidance or pattern when giving me the traditional “bowl”cut.This hair cut continued until I was eleven. Within those years, my dad prided himself of achieving such stylish feats - eventually, he allowed himself some creative freedom and shaped my bangs into a rising sun instead of giving me blunt bangs – his rationale for the shape was to keep my bangs out of my eyes (I liked my bangs in my eyes - I thought it gave me a rebel edge). Since my dad is a strict disciplinarian (he used to be in the military), I was too afraid to say anything - there were no witnesses in the backyard …I didn’t want to chance it. Recently, I drastically changed my hair style which brought back old memories. Right before this new hair cut I had the bowl cut of my youth but some people might call it the Karen O haircut – if they only knew.My hair cut now was inspired by Ms Tina Tang herself (see attached photo of Tina’s prom photo). However, I have been wrongly accused AGAIN– people are calling me Christian Siriano (Bravo’s Project Runway) or Posh Spice (who ended the Spice Girl union early this year ☹).Either way, I’m not too affected by what people say. The one true thing I do know is that my hair “gives me a sense of control in a world full of chaos.”Here is my next hair inspiration for late spring (Tina Tang circa 1999, right after she left Goldman Sachs).

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  • i must say troy, as i told you saturday night~ love your new ‘do’…fun to watch the metamorphosis from the bowl cut..enjoyed your blog…thank you for sharing…my you had a kitten face as a child. love the comparison to karen O ~isn’t ‘maps’ a great song? pics are awesome…. am happy to be able to check in on someone so unique…tina tang rocks!


  • I can totally testify to Troy’s obsession with hair. Every time I see him, he suggests that I have to refresh my look – color, cut, braid my hair… And guess who he recommends as a right person for the job?!?! Himself, of cause. One day we even went so far as bought red dye for my blondie blond locks. Oh, dear Troy, I wish I was brave enough to give into the temptation.


  • Yeah, whatever happened to that dye you bought?! Give in V- give in.


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