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Introducing Rising Star, Writer, Patti Kim.

tina tang

I have known Patti Kim since we were both 12 years old.  We went to the same middle school and were best friends.  She lived across the street from our junior high school so we would sneak to her house for lunch to finish all the Korean leftovers from her family's previous night's dinner.  She reminds me that I had a voracious appetite back then as well.Patti has on the BF necklace (best friend necklace) which I sent to her for her 41st birthday.I thought I knew my best friend, but obviously I didn't.  I had NO idea she wanted to be a writer or even loved writing.  This is the NY Times review from her first book, A Cab Called Reliable: "Rarely does a debut novel make a reader hunger for the author's next book, but anticipation is precisely what one feels after reading A Cab Called Reliable by Patti Kim...It is the story of one young woman's attempt to span the breach between what is and what ought to be." --The New York Times Book ReviewPatti in her writing nook at home.Patti often writes on the immigrant experience. Her first and waiting-to-be-published second book are written in the immigrant child's point of view.  Lately, Patti has been sharing daily writing teasers in her blog,  I always look forward to being shocked, touched, or pushed to think with her daily post.These Best Friend necklaces are like the string woven friendship bracelets we had in the 80's.I hope you get to spend time with your best friend this weekend!

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  • I think I just found my new book to read. Thanks!


  • Bobbie, I have a copy for you to borrow. I am still reading The Help and I LOVE it!

    Tina Tang.

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