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Is Messy the new Trendy?

tina tang

*Our weekly Guestblogger!!Do you ever get tired of styling your do the same every day, but like it too much to get a full on haircut? Well, an alternative to a haircut would be to messify your hair style. It's spring time; and along with switching out the winter wardrobe for the spring wardrobe, a fun, sexy hairstyle is a must to consider for any hair type. What hairstyle do you have?Photo by: andrea.roseLovely lengthy hairstyle:Layering is the perfect way to achieve mess without completely changing the style of the hair cut. While maintaining that long look, adding a few layers at the bottom and on the sides of the face will create a bouncy feel. For a maximum messy look keep most the layers on the side of the face to frame it and keep the length in the back. But, do not cut any layers higher than the earlobe. For those who have both straight and wavy long hair:• add a few dollops of mousse to the hair and scrunch upside down, using the blow dryer• aim hair dryer at the roots for added volume• when completely dry take a few pieces of hair and curl with either a straight or curling iron• while holding the hair within the iron, spray with hair spray to ensure that it will stay• after, arrange the pieces in a messy way, then hairspray the style in placePhoto by: SMercury98Sexy short hairstyle:Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the messy look is an easy fix for any short hairstyle.• take a couple dollops of mousse and throw in the hair as if applying shampoo (completely mess up and cover every piece of hair)• blow dry hair focusing mainly on the roots, but leaving about 1/3 of the hair a bit damp (this will help to eliminate the fuzzy Afro look)• take a pomade throughout the hair and pinch together ends of hair to create a piecy chunky look.• finish with light hair spray to keep the look together.Photo by: KathyC81  Accessorize: In some instances whether it be with short or long hair, sometimes hair can become unmanageable during the first few days of mastering the messy do.To help tame the beast with short hair use: • two or three thin head bands• a large bow• big flowered clips• bobby pinsFor long hair use/do: • thick head bands• bows when hair is tied in pony-tail• flowered clips when hair is in a messy bun**for long hair messy pony tails and buns are perfect ways to tame the hairLydia Aka Miss Engagement Ring writes for a site dedicated to all things sparkly. From diamond rings, and jewelry, to fashion trends and choosing your favorite accessories.

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  • i wanna mess up my hair right now.

    great post miss tina.

    on another note i am elated you stumbled upon my blog. i’ve heard of your and/or your jewelry i just cannot pinpoint it where, but nonetheless i am happy. thank you so much for your comment. everybody seem to like the madison heels the most, can’t blame ‘em. i’d like to boogie in them all night long, lol. i will soon be visiting your web page to get reaquainted with your jewels.

    i hope to hear from you again.

    i am your newest follower.



  • This is a great post… love the tips. I tend to just stay at home during bad hair days. I can go out without make-up but never with a bad hair. :-)


  • Thanks for stopping by blog and for the sweet comment! I love your blog, especially this post. Stop by mine again soon. :)


    ashley lara

  • you´ve got such nice ideas, i like the way you blog!!!
    that´s why i follow you now!
    love from germany


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