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Is there such a thing as too matchy-matchy?

tina tang

Rhonda, one of our gorgeous, fabulous and long time customers, made a very interesting comment on Facebook.  She posted that she doesn't wear matching sets (although she liked all three pieces of the new Lucia de Lammermoor line).This got me thinking about matching sets.  I don't do them either, but I like to create them since my friend, Karen, who has been purchasing my designs for years, constantly says, "Tina, I don't know how to match stuff, I need you to make matching sets."After creating the Don Carlo chandeliers, with Karen's voice in my head, I created other pieces that could go with the earrings (or could be worn separately).It's always nice to have choices!I wouldn't wear the entire Don Carlo series together, but for a matching set I would do something like this:This matching set isn't too obvious.  The gold disc earrings are small enough to compliment the Circle of Life necklace but not too much to feel like Garanimals.And, I always love mixing different elements like this:Non-matching gone right! The chandelier earrings are a highlight with the Endless Summer Necklace, complimenting without overpowering.

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