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Is your mom a wacky chick?

tina tang

This weekend I went to visit my mom and dad with my best friend, Sima, in tow.   It's when you bring a non-family member into your childhood home that you can "see" your parents beyond how you know and understand them. In the past 5 years, I have come to accept and comprehend that my mother is a "wacky chick" who has always operated in life with her own special point of view.  As far as I can remember, she has always worn platform shoes.  Being 4'8" she is always trying to add height.  My mom even has a special pair of platform sneakers for the "casual" days or hiking activities.Mom showing off her latest pair of platforms.Sima and my mom posing in my parents' "shoe room". See how short mom is even with the platforms?Although she is a chemist by trade, my mom has always made/designed her own jewelry.  Perhaps, that is where my interest originated?   She likes to use the parts she has:She made 3 pairs of earrings into one: ruby hearts and 2 pairs of hoop earrings.I wonder if I will become weirder, umm, let me re-phrase, "wackier" with age.  Isn't the saying that we women become our mothers as we get older?There is never a moment where my mom is not wearing jewelry.

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  • Your mom is absolutely fabulous!!! I love her and is one of my heroes!


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