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It's all in the photo. #TinaTang #Jewelry

tina tang

Ever since I broke my point and shoot digital camera, I have been using my iPhone for jewelry photos.  With the digital point and shoot, I was able to get shots like this: Best Friend Necklace photographed with my old point and shoot camera. Photoshop cleaned up the background. I actually have a really nice camera, a Canon Rebel XS digital SLR.  Yet, for some unknown reason, I have created my own mental obstacle, convincing myself it is complicated and too detailed to understand how to use it.  In fact, I have created such a phobia to it, I have let the camera collect dust for nearly a year now.  Instead, I have been using my iPhone camera to take shots like this of the jewelry: The iPhone photos allow me to create a "feel" in the Royal Crest cufflinks photo. I have decided, today, I will conquer my fear of this unknown.  It's a block we, artists, humans, impose on ourselves.  We fear failure; we fear that we will confirm our illusion of our lack of ability.This afternoon, I am tuning into to search for video instructions on how to use the darn thing.  I will learn.  I will focus and I will take a picture with the Canon! See!  I am on with camera on the side, ready to learn. I hope you can conquer a fear or obstacle this week.  Just jump in.

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