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It's Wedding Season!

tina tang

I went to a wedding in upstate New York last weekend, and no, it wasn't Chelsea Clinton's. Every time I mentioned the wedding I was going to/went to upstate, people immediately perked up and asked the same question, as if they honestly thought I was connected enough to get on that guest list. According to a Reuters article on Yahoo! News, there were between 400 and 500 guests, and TMZ reported that each attendee received a goody bag filled with treats such as wine, fruit, cookies, pretzels and various Rhinebeck goodies. With all these reports on the lavish ceremony, I couldn't help but compare it to the wedding I attended.My friends Josh and Ashley tied the knot after five years of dating. Josh grew up in a wealthy New Jersey suburb and now works for Merrill Lynch in Manhattan. Ashley is the polar opposite, growing up in the remote town of Watkins Glen, New York and currently working as an optometrist in Chelsea. For the wedding, our friends travelled four hours north to Ashley's hometown to celebrate her marriage. There were no more than 150 people there, mostly family and a few friends. The ceremony was in a modest church followed by a gorgeous reception at the Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel. The open bar led to a great deal of traffic on the dance floor where everyone let loose without a care in the world. The reception concluded with a fireworks display and the party continued at a local bar near the hotel. This party was far from the "royal" celebration that was the Clinton wedding, but I can almost guarantee it was heaps more fun.I imagine that the Clinton wedding was a stuffy affair where everyone was on their best behavior, trying to recall which of the handful of forks is used for what and avoiding getting "wedding drunk" so they wouldn't risk doing anything embarrassing. I bet that unlike Josh and Ashley's wedding, there was no moon walking, no cheesy disco dancing to the Bee Gees, and probably no Lady Gaga jams. I know for a fact that no one at the Watkins Glen wedding was concentrating on maintaining flawless appearance, but rather focusing on having a good time. I can't speak for anyone at the Clinton wedding, but I have a good feeling that even if I was on their guest list, I wouldn't have had as much fun there as I did at Josh and Ashley's. That’s what a celebration is all about, right? A wedding should be a carefree event, not a somber affair.Anyway, congratualtions Josh and Ashley Jespersen! Speaking of weddings, Bobbie's heading to a wedding this weekend in California and is even in the bridal party! The bride will be wearing Tina Tang's Russian Romance earrings:Bobbie will be wearing the Gold Fill Quartz earrings in smoky quartz with her black bridesmaid dress:Maria B. (Intern)

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