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Jennifer Klein's Annual Girl Party

tina tang

By ChloeLast August, my boss—designer Tina Tang, and my co-worker, Alexis embarked across the states to California. I was left seething at my desk at the studio, alone, doing inventory. Tina and Alexis were headed to Producer Jennifer Klein’s Annual Girl Party. Jennifer klein is a Film producer who worked on Pearl Harbor, Armaggedon and many more. There, they were to meet celebrities while double-fisting cupcakes and margaritas. Tina promised me that come summer 2008—I could go with her to Los Angeles. Tina Tang always stands by her word. August arrived and after an overnight flight, we landed in the Golden State.   I woke up the morning of the annual girl party with the excited feeling of Christmas morning. I could barely choke down my yogurt and granola. We cruised with our windows down; a Kia filled with metals and beads to Jennifer’s house. We displayed our pieces from our Gold Label and Tina Tang Studio store on the deck of Jennifer’s vast backyard. I was privileged to meet the multi-talented Jennifer Klein. Jennifer wore Tina Tang’s Athena earrings, gold bebe long chain, and year of the dragon pendant. Goddamn, this red head looks great in gold!  Amy Adams from ‘Junebug’ (my mother’s all time favorite movie) came over to say hello to Tina and eye our Toby Bird Necklace: Amy told us that she wears her two-tone water drop earrings to death. She purchased them from Tina at last summer’s party.Debra Messing checked out our one of my favorite pieces: The Carnelian Wilma bracelet. By the end of the day I’d seen more sun than my past two years in New York City. I was a bit starstruck and a tad sunburned. Tina and I each grabbed a cupcake, (how could we not—just look at them!)and made out way to the car and drove back to our beach house, where, unlike New York City, we could even see stars in the sky. 

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