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#Jewelry Designer by day, Personal Trainer by night. #TinaTang

tina tang

Sharing a little personal secret with you....I am currently enrolled in Equinox's course to get my Personal Training Certificate.  I will be taking the NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) certification right after that.I work out 6 days a week and always ask the trainers in my gym questions about different types of exercises.  Perhaps it's a counter to the creative aspect of my daily profession, but I thoroughly enjoy pushing myself to the max physically.Since I love to help others, I really look forward to adding personal training as a part time hobby to my week.This is my class being taught by Leo Troso, a master teacher at Equinox, and amazingly knowledgeable about exercise.Some interesting facts I loved learning:1. No matter how hard you try ladies, you won't get big like a man does.  So don't be afraid to overload your weights.  Your body needs to always push itself or it goes into homeostasis.2. Just because you get stronge and more muscular doesn't mean you lose "weight" on the scale.  Don't use the scale number to constantly gauge your physical fitness.  Get your body fat percentage calculated and focus on that number.3. Best way to burn fat - the simply aerobic stuff like treadmill and stairmaster.  Creating more muscle helps your metabolism burn more calories on your simply every day level.4. You can only healthily lose 1 pound a week, if you do more than that you are simply losing lean muscle tissue.  For every 1 pound of lean muscle tissue you lose, your body slows metabolism by 50 calories.  That means truly, your metabolism does slow if you do a crash diet making it easy to gain the weight back.

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